Block385 is a decentralized organization focused on researching and developing appropriate Decentralized Consensus Protocol (DCP) on the Blockchain.

We want to make a combination of CeFi & DeFi, and let the users decide for themselves what suits them best.
We will have all the features that most DeFi projects have, but for more traditional users who are still unfamiliar with DeFi, very easy access to cryptocurrencies through our App and Card, which will be a full user friendly.
DeFi is still for those more advanced users, although it is a very interesting market, but at the same time very risky.

We believe that the full potential of Blockchain technology and real utilization and expansion will only come in combination with another technology.
At the end of the year we will have Mainnet and where we will slowly move on and present to the community what is from the paper, without waiting and losing your nerve you have a DeFi playground and all the fun that comes with it.

Cheers & welcome to our community!

Crypto is a very risky investment and the market is very volatile.
So, any investment is a big risk and before investing in any project, think carefully and do not invest all the money and always be prepared that you can lose everything!




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