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Current Diamond NFT Market Cap $138,600



APY 40%
BONUS $462


Only 300 pieces

  • Marketplace
  • Free Crypto Card
  • Stake NFT and earn extra B3B
  • Unlock Secret Feature


APY 30%

2000 pieces


APY 20%

3500 pieces


APY 10%

5000 pieces

  • How to claim NFT?
  • How many NFT will be distributed?
  • What are the differences of each items?
  • What are the benefits of NFT?
  • How to Stake and Earn B3B Tokens?
  • When does the Staking Program start?
  • Is NFT completely free?
  • What is a Bonus?
  • How will the Bonus be paid out?
  • What is a burning mechanism?
  • How to calculate staking rewards?

Installed METAMASK wallet and solve some simple tasks HERE

There will be a total of 10,800 NFT
GOLD = 2,000
SILVER = 3,500
BRONZE = 5,000
A total of 10,800 participants will qualify for the Airdrop.

We will put all the ETH addresses in the drum and for each collection the robot will randomly select who will get which NFT.
DIAMOND NFT is reserved for the TOP 200 pre-sale participants, while the remaining 100 are reserved for our valuable HUNTERS and promotional activities.

Each collection has the same features, the only difference is in the amount of tokens each NFT can earn.
Diamond is the most powerful NFT + comes with another hidden feature that will be revealed later.

Each NFT owner will have various benefits and rights that are also transferable.
You can easily sell NFT on the market, you can STAKE NFT and earn B3B tokens, or get a free Crypto Card and some more hidden features that will be revealed later.

When we launch the Crypto Card, it will be available for free if you own an NFT, otherwise you will not qualify for the free card.

In this way, we want NFT to retain some value and for this limited edition to be truly a TICKET to anyone who wants to use all the features of this platform in the future.

Mining pool for NFT will be 300,000 B3B tokens.
Staking will be provided to any NFT owner who holds NFT and wants to earn additional B3B tokens.
Rewards will be paid out of this pool which is exclusively for NFT
For the TOP 200 Wallet from the pre-sale to be included in the STAKING program besides DIAMOND NFT they must also lock 50% of the purchased B3B tokens for 6 months for the duration of the STAKING program.
This does not apply to BONUS ($ 462) because to get BONUS it is enough to store Diamond NFT in our wallet.

Example: Bob has bought 1000 B3B tokens, so he is in the TOP 200 hodlers and is eligible to receive a BONUS.
But to get staking rewards in additional B3B tokens he has to lock 50% of the B3B tokens, in this case 500 B3B tokens.
Staking will last 6 months and rewards will be paid out every month.

Our App is Live in Q3.
Staking will be started at a price of $3.33, ie. while the Mining pool (300,000 B3B) reaches a value of
This does not mean that the price cannot fall after that and this is not financial advice, but at that price the program and some other features will be launched, which we will discover later.

Yes, all you need is to pay gas fees, and a transfer that depends on the current speed of the ETH network.
Mint and transfer to your ETH address, so it can cost a few dollars.

If you are already part of our community, you have participated in one of our promotional activities then the mint and the transaction are covered by us and all you need is to fill out proof of participation and you will receive NFT at your ETH address.

The Bonus is intended for 300 Diamond NFT owners and will be paid out in a stable coin.
The money we collected during the private sale is intended for these purposes and will be available to every NFT owner.
385,000 B3B tokens were sold to accredited investors last year and after consulting with them, we decided to use all the money raised from private sales for promotional purposes.
During private sale 1B3B was sold for $0.36.
385,000 X 0.36 = $ 138,600
138,600/300 = $ 462

Every Diamond NFT owner after registering will receive a Bonus In their wallet.

Diamond NFT will have a hidden message / code in it and through that code when you store NFT to our APP you will be able to claim BONUS.

Also, through our APP you will receive Staking Rewards in B3B tokens.

The Bonus will be paid out in a stable coin and there are no special conditions.

You can withdraw them to your cold wallet, buy another coin via our App, you can transfer them to a B3B card and spend.

It is totally up to you what you will do!

The Bonus is not related to APY and Staking Program, because in order to receive Rewards in B3B tokens, you have to HODL your NFT in our App.

Once all 300,000 B3B tokens have been distributed from the mining pool, and the Staking NFT Program is completed all remaining 10,500 NFT will be burned.

Only 300 DIAMOND NFT will remain in existence permanently and that is the real power of DIAMOND NFT.

Bob is the owner of GOLD NFT and is involved in the Staking program.
After the first month, BOB expects the prize to be paid.
Let’s say on the day of distribution the price is 1B3B = $10
Mining pool = 300,000 B3B
APY = 20%
GOLD NFT = 2000
20% = 60,000
60,000 / 2000 = 30
Staking period = 6 months
30/6 = 5
5 x 10 = $ 50
So, the rewards after the 1st month would be worth $50.
Cool, right?
Later, when the Staking program starts, we will have a live calculator, so you can easily calculate the rewards yourself.


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