ETH 2.0

B3B Pool
  • 64 ETH IN POOL
  • 8.5% APR

As supporters of the ETH Network, we got involved in staking.
The pool is not large and significant, but that ETH will be used for the Buyback program.
So, after the staking is over, we will buy B3B tokens from the open market and burn them.
We believe that this is a good move and that it will have a positive effect on the price, and will reduce the total number of tokens.

More sustainable

Validators don’t need energy-intensive computers in order to participate in a proof-of-stake system – just a laptop or smart phone. This will make Ethereum better for the environment.

More accessible

With easier hardware requirements and the opportunity to pool if you don’t have 32 ETH, more people will be able to join the network. This will make Ethereum more decentralized and secure by decreasing the attack surface area.

Unlocks sharding

Sharding is only possible with a proof-of-stake system. Sharding a proof-of-work system would dilute the amount of computing power needed to corrupt the network, making it easier for malicious miners to control shards. This isn’t the case with randomly-assigned stakers in proof of stake.

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