Block385 Founded
Testing Node, CEF building blocks

-Big Data Test Infrastructure 
- eArchiving

-Context Broker
-Testing Node

Working group EBOF

-Established working group, proposing ideas and solutions at the European Blockchain Observatory and Forum

Odoo Meeting

-Participation in the Odoo Conference
-Presentation, partnership and other legal activities

EuroDIG 2020

-European Dialogue on Internet Governance
-Enhancing users’ confidence in cyberspace
-Risks and Solutions
-Environmental sustainability and digital transformation
-Digital sovereignty

Private Sale

-Smart contract
-New Website

-Private Sale
-Public Pre-Sale
-Odoo Experience 2020
(30.09.2020 - 01.10.2020)

-EU Blockchain Convention (21-22 September 2020.)

Dev Hub (Beta)

-LA Blockchain Summit I  October 6-7, 2020
-Blockchainsation 23-25th October I Slovenia

-Public Sale
-Listing on the Exchange
-Digital Takeover Conference
-Blockchain EXPO 24-25th November I RAI Amsterdam

Smart Cities Competition

-Competition for the smartest cities with the latest technology
-Staking reward
-B3B Wallet

Crypto Debitcard

-Block385 Crypto Debitcard
-Customer data enhances traffic management

-Data Sharing Decentralized App (DApp)
- Citizens Vote to Act
-A reliable registry for service jobs