Contract : 0xCF79A9f347bA6F9a174972aC635Ae356B4B9f060
Total Supply : 3,850,000
Token Name : Block385
Token Symbol : B3B
Decimals : 18


SEED : 385,000
Presale : 465,000

Mining NFT Pool : 300,000
Team/Advisors: 500,000
LPED : 2,000,000
Marketing : 200,000


  • How can I buy the tokens?
  • Any purchase limit?
  • How much is the price of the token?
  • Are you planning to lock in liquidity?
  • What about NFT mining pool?
  • What about the remaining tokens?
  • Which exchange will be traded?
  • What will be the circulation of the token?

Using the Metamask wallet, you select the amount of tokens you want to buy and make the purchase in a few steps.

Minimum 0.1 ETH, while maximum 2 ETH per person/address.

 $0.85 per token.

Yes, 25% are intended for these purposes (1year)

A total of 300,000 B3B tokens will be available to all  NFT owners who will be able to stake their NFT and earn B3B tokens.
APY (40%, 30%, 20% and 10%) depends on which NFT they have.

2,000,000 tokens will be distributed over 5 years through the LPED protocol, tokens from the team (500,000) will be locked for 5 years.
200,000 tokens are intended for marketing activities and they will be gradually released over 3 years.

DEX and at all other exchanges that will want to list us.
We are fighting for decentralization, but who would not like to be at the CEX exchange like Binance, Coinbase, Huobi, etc.
We will not complain if they want us at their exchange, but for that we need to show a good product and strong community

It is irresponsible to speculate about this and to promise you some Tier1 exchange right at the beginning.

The first month the circulation of tokens on the market will be exactly 650,000
1st year, the total circulation maximum of 950,000.


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