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Block385 is a decentralized organization focused on researching and developing appropriate Decentralized Consensus Protocol (DCP) on the Blockchain.

Block385 highly rewarding Proof of Stake Global Governance Model drives the formation of entire communities that are incentivized to advocate for B3B to be as successful as possible.

The goal of decentralized consensus protocols is to exchange information among computers so that each computer acquires information held by every other computer in the system.

Decentralized consensus systems are being used to revolutionize supply chain management, run global computations, create digital assets, share resources, create digital IDs, enable data sovereignty, build financial infrastructure for the Internet of Things, manage property titles, vote securely, and interchange assets through a decentralized exchanges and atomic swaps.

B3B tokens will serve as a reward for all those who will participate in the process through the creation of proposals, voting mechanisms and the development of this new system.

Users are incentivized to actively participate in the governance and operation of the Network.

Over half of the total supply of B3B tokens are allocated to the Liquidity Providers and Ecosystem Development (LPED) fund.
The LPED incentivizes the use and growth of the platform which includes rewards for participation in the governance of the Protocol.

Blockchain technology could be valuable to all kinds of business