IoT & Security

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The IoT is transforming everything from wind turbines and factory automation to critical infrastructure. But with this smart, connected world comes an increased and very real threat of cyberattacks. While the need to build defenses to such attacks is understood, organizations may not have the tools, skill set or bandwidth to develop security measures themselves. Many, instead, seek solutions that allow appropriate security to be integrated into their systems quickly and easily, leaving them free to focus on core competencies and delivering competitive advantage. IoT […]


Smartest and most sustainable cities

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London has once again been revealed as the smartest and most sustainable city in the world, according to the seventh edition of the IESE Cities in Motion Index 2020. Prepared by IESE Business School´s Centre for Globalisation and Strategy, the annual index analyses the level of development of 174 world cities. Sustainable Cities have an essential role in the urbanisation trend to improve residents lives by focusing on environmental initiatives and projects such as limiting CO2 gas emissions in the air, using renewable energy sources, […]


Open Data Projects

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Data is believed to be the lifeblood of smart cities. But open data is something more than that, especially for the residents of a smart city. You gain access to smart apps. And you know how the traffic or the air quality is in a particular area so that you can avoid it. Similar or more complex open data initiatives are springing in different parts of the world. For instance, The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, A US-based non-profit has invested $1 million […]

European Green Capital Competition

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The European Commission has launched the competition for 2023 European Green Capital (EGCA 2023) and the 2022 European Green Leaf (EGLA 2022) Awards, recognising cities that are genuinely committed to becoming more sustainable. This year, the financial prize for both Awards will be significantly increased to a combined one million euro, aimed at supporting cities in putting in place urban sustainability measures. The EGCA 2023 winning city will receive €600 000, while up to two EGLA 2022 winning towns/cities will receive €200 000 each. This […]

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IoT in 2030: A tri-polar world

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In May 2020 Transforma Insights published the first iteration of its global IoT forecasts which predicted 24.1 billion connected devices generating US$1.5 trillion (€1.3 trillion) in 2030. However, the global picture belies a significant variation between regions. In particular, the vertical-specific opportunity is highly regionalised and growth in China will be driven by government policy more than organic adoption.


New light rail system

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The City of Helsinki is preparing a master plan for a new light rail system for North-East Helsinki.The Viikki-Malmi light rail will be a new public transport trunk connection from the city centre to Kumpula, Viikki, Latokartano and the Malmi Airport area, and on to Malmi or Jakomäki. The goal is to increase the proportion of sustainable modes of transport along the route. The light rail will make it possible to partially replace bus traffic to the city centre. The bus lines are being examined […]